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Apartments rent: service for lessors

So, you’re a property owner. You’d like to let it for rent in order to get an optimum profit.
We, as a real estate agency Arman Palace GmbH, are willing to fulfill the task. Moreover, if you permit us,


That means that Arman Palace GmbH specialists take the settlement of all, absolutely all, questions of property lease on themselves.

      At different stages that could be such questions as:

Stage 1. Property evaluation.

Stage 2. Property presentation.

Stage 3. Negotiations and documents.

Stage 4. Residence.

 Our consultants know the answers to these and dozens of other questions. We take care about your interests from the first day of our acquiatance to a rent period expiry date. 

The main profits you enjoy dealing with our company we have united under the term 'European service'.

Here are the main ones:

First, we’ll elaborate an efficient description: professional interior photos, detailed description, property plan. Thanks to the description, a potential tenant will get the maximum of information about your property – thus, you’ll be saved from another demonstration.

Second, our advertising department will make a spectacular presentation of your property to be advertised on our website, on other Internet resources and in target publications.

Besides, we carry out advertisement distribution to a database of big companies that have foreign employees seeking for modern and elite dwelling.

Third, we’ll make a property demonstration to a client at a top level. If you wish, we’ll do it even in your absence (you just give us the keys under a complete responsibility of our company).

And finally, if necessary, we’ll prepare a dwelling for a client’s moving in  - we’ll check the equipment, install communication lines (telephone, Internet, cable television) and even make cosmetic alterations.

       As a result,

We suggest you avail yourself of our offer right now using ‘Contacts’ and ‘Make an enquiry’ sections.

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