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About the company

Real estate agency Arman Palace GmbH
Arman Palace Ч
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About the company

Real estate agency Arman Palace GmbH is a branch office of the German company of the same name.
We’ve been present on Moscow real estate market since 2006. For these seven years we’ve been working with hundreds of tenants and elite property owners. Our clients is satisfied by our service, quality of work, responsiveness and reliability.
How do they characterize our company?

There are no 500 persons on our staff, but every consultant is selected thoroughly and rigorously. As a result, we offer

Every client receive a maximum attention. Members of our team should take the hint of your expectations quickly. Otherwise they lose their job. But this never happens as a great experience our consultants have (4 years as a minimum), have helped them to master

From the very beginning your personal consultant gets the idea of what you are searching for (if you’re a lessor or a buyer) and how you can derive nice rental returns (if you’re an elite property owner).

That’s why, a distinguishing feature of our company is

We just have it crystal clear how you, being a successful person, appreciate every single minute of your time. That’s why we do not waste a minute in vain.

By the way, we save your time, and money. That’s why our company is said to be

- the most profitable elite real estate agency

We can afford a bigger discount than our competitors do. So, you’re always the gainer.

Besides, we are distinguished by our

For tenant:

Noisy neighbours, repairs in the nearby apartments, flood – you don’t have to worry about that. During all guarantee period you can get a new apartment or a cottage absolutely free of charge.

For owner:

If a tenant moves out before the appointed date, you don’t have to pay commission charges. We’ll see to it for free that your property doesn’t stand idle.

For the two parties:

Complete legal assistance and controversial issues solution.

The list of high appraisals given to our company by its clients by no means finishes here. But let us save the time you spent on browsing our website and give you an opportunity to:

- make an inquiry NOW

Arman Palace GmbH: High-quality Real Estate – European service

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